4 advantages of budget keyboard pianos

Being an aspiring musician is difficult, but art is often its own reward for music aficionados and amateur instrument players. Many instruments are hard to learn and take years of practice to learn how to play properly. A good amount of them are hard to master for a completely different reason: they are prohibitively expensive. However, there are still instruments that can be found in many versions, including beginner level models that are more friendly for people in a budget. Pianos and more specifically digital keyboards are some of the most popular instruments out there because they are versatile, essential in music ensembles, and widely available in different price tiers. Not all cheap instruments are bad, and below we expose 4 reasons why affordable keyboard pianos have just as much potential as their more expensive siblings.

They are great for learning

Learning how to play the piano doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Very often, new players find themselves in a room with a teacher and a classical piano. These types of instruments, while amazing and beautiful in their own right, are not the best to learn if your aim is not to play in an orchestra. A budget keyboard has all the basic elements for you to get familiar with the instrument, and they won’t cost an arm and a leg.

They are just as great for teaching!

Teaching piano can be just as challenging as learning, many times because teachers invest in quality pianos for their homes or studios. However, an affordable digital piano can provide you and your student with all the elements you need for a complete lesson. In fact, some of these budget models include features that make teaching easier, like play-along songs that come pre-loaded in these instruments’ memories.

They are more compact and portable

One factor that cuts down costs when it comes to instrument price tags is the size. In the case of pianos and digital keyboards, size is mostly directly proportional to price, meaning that pianos with a larger set of keys are usually more expensive as well. Budget keyboards tend to have fewer keys, but that does not take away from their potential as fully-fledged professional instruments. Their reduced size also makes for a more portable device, which comes in handy whether you are an amateur learning how to play and want to practice everywhere, or you are a professional and need it to carry it with you for songwriting or giving lessons.

They can be more than enough sometimes

Budget keyboards are for anyone who needs them, but most of the time it is new learners who are looking into them. For those piano players who are just getting into the basics of keyboards, these affordable models can end up being a fantastic option. The feature set can be way richer than they think, and all the qualities listed above make for a great instrument to have around regardless of your expertise level. If you want to check some keyboard pianos you can get cheap, there are plenty of reviews available on Mr. Pianist here.

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